Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dear Ones....

As I write this, we have traveled the 20 hours it takes to get from Oroville to Montana (including a slight detour to Missoula because of a fire 8 mi. north of St Regis), and are at Kathleen and Greg's counting down the hours to Eric and Tara's wedding.

We are settled in at a log cabin home about a mile from the Underhills.

The 3 kids are spending the nights at "our home" which means, games, videos and popcorn!

Have spent a couple of days shopping around, getting the final touches for the wedding... hats, boots and belts... as it is to be a cowboy/cowgirl wedding. Kathleen is spending every second trying to finish the myriad sewing projects involved with the wedding.

Yesterday in Kalispell, while we were waiting at the Hawaiian Shave Ice stand, Kathleen and I got caught in a sudden downpour that totally drenched us! Then it was clear blue skies.

Tomorrow we will be driving to Plains for the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. Then, Saturday.... the big event.

Will write more AFTER the wedding...

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