Thursday, September 3, 2009

Montana Vacation

To my Grandchildren...

Papa and I are up in Montana as I write this and nearing the end of our 2 week vacation visiting with the Underhills.

We have done 2 new things this trip. We went to a rodeo in Columbia Falls and saw Eric do some bull riding... without breaking anything! He looked good on his ride for all those 4 loooooooooong seconds! Right after the rodeo, we drove up to Big Creek for a 3 day camping trip beside the river. There were 18 of us all together camping, plus 3 dogs and "Bob" (whom I will enlighten you about in my next blog).

Yesterday was a special day for Matthew... It was his 11th birthday and boy, was
he excited. He wanted Legos and Bionicles and received several, so he was on top of the world! Like Kathleen, he did not want a birthday cake, but liked donuts and ice cream. Of course pizza was for dinner!

Hope you will all respond sometime and I will try and keep you posted about all of the super, extraordinary happenings that Papa and I experience in the future!

Love.... xoxox P.S. Nora helped me create this blog... I could never have done it by myself. Thanks Nim! The name of her blog is Nim's World. You get to it by typing in....